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Liar Game: The Final Stage

Title: Raiâ gêmu: Za fainaru sutêji (original title)
Director: Hiroaki Matsuyama
Writers: Shinobu Kaitani (manga), Tsutomu Kuroiwa (screenplay)
Stars: Erika Toda, Shôta Matsuda and Megumi Seki
Genre: Drama | Thriller

Nao Kanzaki (Erika Toda) is a young simple college student who finds herself unwittingly involved in a mysterious competition called the Liar Game Tournament (LGT). In this competition, participants try to cheat one another of a large sum of money (loaned to them from the tournament organizers). To win - one must employ every possible trick and device to lie, cheat, swindle and con. Winners take home an obscene amount of money, while the losers incur an insurmountable mountain of debt. Nao seemingly has no chance of survival in this microcosm of greed and deceit. Fortunately, she manages to enlist the help of master con man, Shinichi Akiyama (Shota Matsuda), whose razor-sharp mind and genius with manipulation helps her survive an onslaught of ruthless challenges.

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