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Director: Je-hyeon Park
Writers: Seon-mi Kim, Seok-jun Lee,
Stars: Jeong-eun Kim, Sang-kyung Kim, Yu-jin Lee

Hyun-joo is an average girl, with seven years of her life invested in her boyfriend So-hoon, an employee at an extermination company. Sure, he can be a bit boring, but he has a warm and caring heart. He's someone Hyun-joo can rely on. Or he was. One day So-hoon finds filmself stuck in an elevator with Eun Da-young, the hottest actress in Korea. She becomes intrigued with him when, despite the close quarters, he shows no interest in her (instead, he is fascinated by a cockroach he finds in the elevator). It has been so long since Da-young has been treated like a normal person that she soon finds herself getting feelings for him. So Da-young puts a plan into action to get this man to fall in love with her. She gets him to spray her house, and even makes him co-star in an advertisement with her - all the while unconcerned about So-hoon's longtime girlfriend Hyun-joo. Hyun-joo gets a rude surprise when she reads the over-imaginative tabloids one day and discovers that her boring boyfriend is supposedly dating the top actress in the land. Even worse, she soon finds out that Da-young is determined to steal her man. How can an ordinary girl like Hyun-joo compete with a superstar, gorgeous actress? How can she stop Da-young from taking away seven years of her life?

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