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Five Sense of Eros

Original Title: 오감도 (O-gam-do)
Directors: Hyuk Byun, Jin-ho Hur
Writers: Hyuk Byun (segment), Jin-ho Hur (segment)
Stars: Chong-ok Bae, Su-yeon Cha and Jeong-hwa Eom
Genre: Melodrama | Romance

In this anthology film centered around the theme of “Eros,” five seperate stories are presented by five top Korean directors. The main characters from each segment are connected with each other in one way or another. “His Concern” – Directed by Byeon Hyeok
A man is attracted by the women sitting across from him on a train ride to Busan. He then gets off the train after her, even though its not his stop. He is then able to get her phone number. A few days later the man plans to meet the woman for the second time.
“I’m Here” (literal title of “나, 여기 있어요” / “Na Yeogi Isseoyo”) – Directed by Heo Jin-Ho
Hye-rim Ahn (planyed by Cha Soo-Yeon) awaits for her husband, while hiding, to give him a surprise. Hyeon-woo Kang (played by Kim Kang-Woo) always worries about his wife being left alone. Hye-rim worries about Hyeon-woo because he will be left alone soon.
“33rd Man” (literal title of “33번째 남자” / “33beon Namja”) – Directed by Yu Yeong-Sik
On the set of a movie, fresh new actress Mi-jin Kim (played by Gyu-ri Kim) and her charismatic senior actress Hwa-ran Park (played by Bae Chong-Ok) are having difficulties because of their stubborn & demanding director Jan-woon Bong (played by Kim Su-Ro). In the end, the senior actress Hwa-ran transforms Mi-jin into a sexy vixen to seduce the director.
In My End is My Beginning (literal title of “끝과 시작” / “Kkotgwa Sijak”) – Directed by Min Kyu-Dong
Jeong-ha Lee (played by Uhm Jung-Hwa) learns that her husband Jae-in Min (Hwang Jung-Min) has just died in a car accident while on a road trip. She then discovers that her husband was having an affair with her old high school friend Na-ru Kang (played by Kim Hyo-Jin). After the car accident Na-ru comes to Jeong-ha and asks to live with her under the promise of her unconditional devotion.
“Believe in the Moment” (literal title of “순간을 믿어요” / “Sunganeul Mideoyo”) – Directed by Oh Ki-Hwan
Three couples are all high school students & close friends. None of the couples have strong convictions about their relationship. They then decide to exchange partners for 24 hours.

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