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fly, daddy, fly

Directed by: Choi Jong Tae
Produced by: Jonathan Kim
Distributed by: CJ Entertainment
Release date(s): August 3, 2006
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Lee Jun Ki
Lee Moon-sik
Nam Hyun Joon
Lee Yeon Soo
Kim So Eun
Lee Jae Yong
Jo Seong Ha
Woo Hyeon
Ahn Nae Sang

The film revolves around Chang Ka Pil (played by Lee Moon Sik) in his 40s, who leads an ordinary life with his adorable wife and their 17-year-old daughter, Dami (played by Kim So Eun).
He faces a crisis when his daughter is sexually assaulted by a high school boxing star from a rich, well-connected family and he finds no help from the school or police authorities.
To prove that he is not a coward and will do anything for his family, he decides to take revenge and physically beat up his daughter's tormentor. For the seemingly impossible task, he asks Go Seung Suk (by Lee Jun Ki), a rebellious high school student with talent for fighting, to train him.

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