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Director: Pakphum Wonjinda
Writer: Pakphum Wonjinda
Stars: Ngamsiri Arsira-Lertsiri, Warot Pitakanonda and Nuttapong Tangkasam

This film features a group of people obsessed with mobile phone video recording: Ken (Paopol Thephasdin) is a mobile phone repair man who has a habit of stealing private video clips from his customers’ phones; Pub DJ Aud (Warot Pitakanonda) likes having fun with girls and records those adventures on his phone to share with others; and Gaeng (Nuttapong Tangkasam), the pub owner who creates a porn website featuring mobile phone video clips. However, none of the characters realise their mobile phone habit is to become a threat to their lives. The horror that awaits them reaches way beyond their wildest imagination.

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