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Also Known As: Memoirs of a Lady Ninja 2
Directed by: Jiro Ishikawa
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama |Pinku
Cast: Kazuya Nomura, Fukuten, Shouta Fukuchi, Aya Tanimoto

During Japan’s feudal era, Mitsuhide Akechi worked to foil Nobunaga Oda’s ambition for the unification of the entire country. To this end, Akechi had his eyes set on many of Oda’s vassals, including leyasu Tokugawa. To protect Tokugawa’s life, the kunoichi Kaede is sent to keep an eye on him as he travels through the mountains of Igo. Hiding in plain sight as a boxwood inn, she discovers that a skilled killer and his crew are already gathering in the area. Will a single lady ninja be able to complete her mission in the face of so many armed and dangerous men?

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