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Seo Jung - Kim Mun-hee, Shim Ji-Ho - Seo-hyun, Oh Yun-Hong - Su-jin, Jeon-han Kim - Journalist, Kim Hye-Ok, Nam Jeong-Hee

Summary: Mun-hee (Seo Jung), a married woman in her thirties, has been arrested and convicted for having sex with an underage, Hyun. After being sentenced for 100 hours os social work, Mun-hee is released only to find reporters hungry to sell her story to the press, and among them, Hyun is standing alone. Leaving those hyenas, the two head for nowhere and stop at a small hotel. Day and night they indulge into each other through endless sex. After 5 days of sex and enjoyment, Mun-hee undergoes extreme changes of emotion, and suddenly says goodbye to Hyun. However, Moon-hee finds herself still lingering on to Hyun…

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Part 1
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