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Synopsis: Lovely Complex is about two Hich School students Atsushi Otani (played by Koike) and Risa Koizumi (played by Fujisawa). Risa, a tall Japanese girl, gets rejected by a boy because she is taller than him. Otani, a short Japanese guy, gets rejected by a girl because he is shorter than her. And the two gradually become attracted to each other while coping with their respective height complexes. Together, they became the laughing stock of their whole school, always caught bickering back and forth. Although everyone claims that they’re a “perfect couple”, both deny it with rage. Fed up, Koizumi set out on a mission to find a fitting boyfriend, but who knows, maybe everyone was right.The pair’s comedic dialog in Kansai dialect is very popular and the manga has sold over 6 million copies of volumes 1 through 12 combined.Obviously these two would make the oddest of couples and would never be a good match for each other right? Well, love doesn’t always follow such logic as Lovely Complex will show.

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