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Director: Noriyuki Abe
Writers: Natsuko Takahashi (screenplay), Tite Kubo (manga)
Stars: Seiichi Morita
Release Date: December 13, 2008
Language: English,Japanese
Subtitle: English
Resolution: 704x400 (16:9)
File Size: 300 MB
Genre: action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, supernatural
Quality: DVDRip


In Soul Society, Mayuri Kurotsuchi is attacked in his laboratory by a pair of mysterious siblings wielding a scythe that erases his memories. In a frightened panic, Kurotsuchi damages a machine, which causes a massive reiatsu explosion that covers much of Soul Society in a milky layer of reiatsu in the form of a giant rampaging river of serpents, killing and freezing many Soul Reapers, including Kenpachi Zaraki. Rukia Kuchiki is confronted and attacked by the siblings, erasing her memories and everybody that has memories of her, and is carried away to a rundown area of Rukongai by the siblings. Seemingly everyone in Soul Society has their memories of Rukia erased.

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