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the legend of the mask

Director: Shimako Sato
Writers: Shimako Sato (screenplay), So Kitamura (novels)
Stars: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Takako Matsu and Tôru Nakamura

Endo Heikichi (Kaneshiro Takeshi) is a circus acrobat. One day, he is deceived by a mysterious old man, and arrested as K-20. In fact the old man turns out to be K-20 himself. Heikichi succeeds to escape from the jail, and he decides to hunt down the real K-20 to prove his innocence.
Meanwhile, K-20 sets his eyes on a rich lady, Hashiba Yoko (Matsu Takako), whose fiancé is Akechi Kogoro (Nakamura Toru), who is a famous detective and once arrested Heikichi. Heikichi happens to help Yoko, who is chased by K-20. He somehow convinces Yoko and Kogoro that he is not the real K-20. He begins to fight against K-20 with Yoko and Kogoro, with his courageousness and incredible physical dexterity.

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