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The Forbidden Legend Sex And Chopsticks II

The Forbidden Legend Sex And Chopsticks II

Title: The Forbidden Legend Sex and Chopsticks 2
Director: Man Kei Chin
Writer: Hermit Sage (screenplay)
Stars: Tam Kon Chung, Serina Hayakawa and Wai Kin Lam
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Tam Kon Chung As Hua Zi-xu
Serina Hayakawa As Lotus
Wai Kin Lam As Simon Qing
Kin-Yan Lee As Shaman
Sammuel Leung As Bamboo (as Leung Cheuk Moon)

Director Chin Man Kei (Sex and Zen 2) continues his adaptation of the classic Chinese novel Jin Pin Mei a.k.a. The Plum in the Golden Vase with The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks II. Picking up where the first film left off, Simon Qing (Lam Wai Kin) has started his own personal harem, but his addiction to carnal pleasures proves corrupting, as he turns to murder to satisfy his lust. In contrast to the first film’s softcore shenanigans, Sex and Chopsticks II is a bit darker, but still possesses heaps of nudity, sex, silliness, and twisted thrills to satiate fans of the Category III sexploitation genre. The success of the Sex and Chopsticks films have even led to a mini-revival of the genre, with production starting on a new 3-D erotic film set in Ancient China.

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